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tendency posted in Jan 2020 Activity Check Jan 24, 2020 21:52:17 GMT -5

In this board you will find all of the information that is necessary to understand the world within Heir Apparent.

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jaglene posted in Jaglene [Cambria] Jan 26, 2020 6:14:33 GMT -5

Within this board you will find both the character application, the characters currently in play, plotters, trackers, and most anything of use for character development.

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Loren, The Kingdom of Lorendale's Capital City

Raine Eldouir posted in And I Thought I Was The Grumpy One Jan 26, 2020 10:48:10 GMT -5

Rainecourt Palace is nestled in the very center of Loren. The palace is the largest structure by far and is always under expansive construction. The ruling monarch resides in the palace, along with any members of the immediate royal family that he/she allows.

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Soren Tveit posted in The Beast Inside Jan 26, 2020 1:16:51 GMT -5

The city of Loren is a large, bustling medieval metropolis with cobblestone paths, narrow alleys, three-story inns, merchant caravans and more. Practically anything and everything you can imagine may be found within the streets of the city, so creative license is welcome and encouraged.

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Blair Eldouir posted in Wanted Talks Jan 25, 2020 22:13:11 GMT -5

These manors include the house and estate that noble families occupy. They range in size and expanse of land, some looking like larger, nicer peasant homes while others are basically castles. Most are immediately surrounded by crisp greenery, and then further out from the house are the lands on which the peasants who work the farms live.
* Please contact about having a sub-board made for your family's manor.

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Imelda Rainecourt-Eldouir posted in Dangerous Places with Innocent Faces Jan 26, 2020 11:32:19 GMT -5

The vast lands of Lorendale offer its citizens plenty of room to play, farm, and grow. Lorendale's lands consist of lush fields, thick forests, quaint towns, and Lake Loren. The perimeters of Lorendale meet with Arynn Frey to the east, Dresmond to the south, and Coheed to the north and west.

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The Rest of Terra Nova

Raine Eldouir posted in Save a Horse, Ride a Dragon Jan 25, 2020 20:29:47 GMT -5

The lands of Coheed are vast and varied, from rolling hills to deep valleys, from vast forests to flat coast lands. The Kingdom of Coheed has many borders for it has much land, and it seems to ever be expanding.

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Zephyra posted in Come With Me Jan 1, 2020 22:13:52 GMT -5

The Kingdom of Cambria sits in the mountains to the northwest, a small and untouched establishment that is not easily attained.

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Una Llewellyn posted in Mother knows best Jan 26, 2020 9:55:23 GMT -5

The lands of Arynn Frey consist of large, open plains and beaches. The coastal kingdom's capital city, Elyusian, rests in the northern regions of the land. There are two other cities that are smaller: Faanor, which resides in the center of the kingdom's land, and Illianar, which is to the south.

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Emeric Caern posted in Sailing to Lorendale Jan 25, 2020 22:40:55 GMT -5

The kingdom of Nevermere lines the west border of Terra Nova, resting just beyond the valley created by the wall of treacherous mountains that have kept the kingdom separated from the rest of the world.

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The unclaimed territory sits in the center of the map with a supernatural, ever-present mist that sits at the ground and stretches up into the trees.The land has never been claimed, but it is said to be a slaughter ground for battles and is rumored to hold the secrets of Hallvala. Many wanderers seen disappearing into the fog never return...

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Bryce Allemeade posted in It's War [SITE WIDE EVENT] Jan 26, 2020 11:26:50 GMT -5

Here on Heir Apparent we have member-led mini plots. Mini plots are essentially baby plots that have potential to grow into sub-plots. Most of these will look like quests, with some exceptions. Click into this board to read more about them.

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OOC Dealings

nova posted in Let the drink flow! Jan 20, 2020 17:01:44 GMT -5

Members may use this board for any of their needs.

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Sonorus Staff posted in SONORUS [POST-POTTER, PB] Jan 25, 2020 13:42:06 GMT -5

Affiliates, First Link and Link Back can be found here.

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