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Aenwyn posted in The Bashar Family Sept 11, 2023 12:06:35 GMT -5

In this board you will find all of the information that is necessary to understand the world within Heir Apparent.

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Sub-boards: Lorendale's Lore, Nevermere's Lore, Arynn Frey's Lore, The Libraries of Information, Dresmond's Lore, Families of Importance Information

Odina Ellis posted in Letter to Magda Sept 17, 2023 18:14:45 GMT -5

Within this board you will find both the character application, the characters currently in play, plotters, trackers, and most anything of use for character development.

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Sub-boards: Character Applications, Accepted Characters, Wanted Ads, Plotters, Thread Trackers, Journals, Etc.

The Kingdoms of Terra Nova

Florina Bellerose posted in The Good, the Bad, and the Innocent Sept 23, 2023 20:35:37 GMT -5

The kingdom of Lorendale sits in the heart of Terra Nova. Its capitol, Loren, is nestled in the center of the kingdom's lush, hilly green lands.

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Sub-boards: Rainecourt Palace, Streets of Loren, Noble Manors, The Rest of Lorendale

Keir Delaney posted in Hardest choice for a mother Sept 23, 2023 16:59:13 GMT -5

The kingdom of Nevermere sits at the west border of Terra Nova, resting just beyond the valley created by the wall of treacherous mountains that have kept the kingdom separated from the rest of the world. The capital city is Skia.

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Sub-boards: Rainecourt Castle, Shadows Landing, Streets of Skia, Outskirts, Manors, and More

Rian Cyrilson posted in Like everyone's eyes on you Sept 23, 2023 21:45:24 GMT -5

The lands of Coheed are vast and varied, from rolling hills to deep valleys, from vast forests to flat coast lands. The Kingdom of Coheed has many borders for it has much land, and it seems to ever be expanding.

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Sub-boards: Tribe Villages, Chieftain's Hut

Alys Delaney posted in A Secret Hideaway Sept 23, 2023 21:04:27 GMT -5

The lands of Arynn Frey consist of large, open plains and beaches. The coastal kingdom's capital city, Elyusian, rests in the northern regions of the land. There are two other cities that are smaller: Faanor, which resides in the center of the kingdom's land, and Illianar, which is to the south.

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Sub-boards: Capital City of Elyusian, Faanor, Illianar, Borders

Odina Ellis posted in Freshly in charge Sept 21, 2023 18:28:59 GMT -5

The Kingdom of Cambria sits in the mountains to the northwest, a small and untouched establishment that is not easily attained.

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Eirwen posted in Fight for your right to party Sept 23, 2023 7:57:23 GMT -5

The lands of Dresmond are mostly plains, forests, and rocky cliffs at the southern edge. There is a major lake to the west, and various rivers and streams coursing throughout this lush land. The most important part of their land is to the far east where the Cave of Names resides.

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The unclaimed territory sits in the center of the map with a supernatural, ever-present mist that sits at the ground and stretches up into the trees.The land has never been claimed, but it is said to be a slaughter ground for battles and is rumored to hold the secrets of Hallvala. Many wanderers seen disappearing into the fog never return...

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Where we store all the characters and threads that don't have any business floating around the IC boards anymore.

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OOC Dealings

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Members may use this board for any of their needs.

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