Felicity Zane posted in The Union Forever Mar 27, 2023 14:17:43 GMT -5

The Zak family's estate is an example of what the pinnacle of wealth and prosperity can purchase. Many are surprised to find that it belongs to the Zak, known for their military contributions, but the family hosts guests often enough for few to pass judgement. The grand castle is set on acres of flat, lush land possessing multiple gardens fashioned in various styles. The estate is nothing short of majestic.

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Honora Allemeade posted in Ask You My Questions and You'll Tell Me No Lies Dec 9, 2021 14:30:35 GMT -5

The giant home of the crown-serving gifted family is nestled at the east end of Loren, right by a vast forest. The manor is an expansive castle that could easily house two-hundred people in comfort. The land around the structure is plenty, as well. The estate is marked by a very tall wall surrounding it, and only one gated and guarded entrance.

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Scout Kane posted in Devilish family Feb 27, 2023 2:54:55 GMT -5

The Wyndhams are a wealthy Count family that have inherited their wealth over many generations through mostly entrepreneurship. Inside the decorative but secure gate the estate is beautiful with sprawling lawns, immaculate gardens, and expensive fountains. The estate is plenty large enough to fit their entire family comfortably and they pull out all the stops for lavish parties a few times a year.

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Simon Mikaels posted in Something strange is happening here... Oct 27, 2022 10:04:38 GMT -5

The Haas family estate is located south of Loren on thousands of acres of hilly countryside. Its dense, untamed woods are cut with a cool, clear river teeming with fish. High on a rocky hillside is the Red Citadel - an ancient castle that while modest is magnificent. In its shadow are the barracks, training grounds, and armory of the Haas Legion.

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M'Baku posted in The Last Will of Count Gideon DeCarlo Mar 25, 2023 19:59:01 GMT -5

The DeCarlos all live in separate lavish estates on the same citrus tree lined road. DeCarlo lane is its own community within Lorendale. The whole of it is surrounded by a stone wall, with one way in or out which is guarded all hours of the day.

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Otterberg Hold is the home of the Carrow family, passing to it's current landlord Duke Nolan II Rainecourt-Carrow. It sits nestled in the north of Lorendale in the small city of Lothbrok. Otterberg tower looms in the back of Lothbrok where it houses the Duke and his family plus three hundred soldiers on hand for Lady Marshal Shray Carrow. Also seventy five of personal staff have available rooms. The city itself is a military hub of sorts that houses the rest of the Lady Marshal's sworn military. The city has sustainable farms and a staggering defense. More importantly Nolan has the forces to lend that reach across the entirety of the north for its protection. They keep the surrounding forests poached of bandits, animal poachers, and created a division of rangers equipped to lure invaders (Coheed) should they get that far inland. Otterberg Hold is usually the first force to meet any northern Coheed threats and run border patrol along Arynn Frey.

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