Theodore Morrigan posted in Not by the Hair of Her Chinny-Chin-Chin Sept 24, 2021 12:00:31 GMT -5

The Rainecourt castle is a magnificent, multi-leveled building made of dark stone and crafted in a Gothic style. There are few windows, resulting in many candles, but also inevitably in many places of darkness.

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Rosamere Morrigan posted in Never know what the weather brings Sept 21, 2021 23:11:35 GMT -5

Being a coastal kingdom, there are numerous docks spanning the place where the sea meets Nevermere land. There is, however, one specific area close to the castle that is specifically the royal docks. Nobles access their crafts from this giant, multi-layered dock that even has a boardwalk and vendors. It is a popular location for merchants and young people.

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Ravin Tracey posted in What Would Father Say Sept 23, 2021 12:47:37 GMT -5

The streets of Skia possess all that streets of a capital city of a kingdom out to, such as vendors, storefronts, smithies, a marketplace, taverns, and more.

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Alys Roggar posted in Even If It Takes All Night Sept 25, 2021 5:55:34 GMT -5

Outside of Skia is a lot of noble manors, plush green valley, farms, beaches, and mountains.

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Valley of Nevermere

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