Elliot Moore posted in Pervestigatio Oct 21, 2023 3:29:51 GMT -5

A newly established club for noble class company to enjoy a drink, cigars, and fellow high class conversation. Sports an exclusive fight pit in the basement. Men only.

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Alaric Melbourne posted in Fill those pantaloons with light! Jun 21, 2024 7:24:12 GMT -5

The town square is at the center of Loren and is a prime location for street vendors (only those with the best appearances and wares like jewelry and chocolate) and idle noblemen and women. Public announcements are made in the town square, along with public executions.

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Annabeth Porter posted in out and about (open) Jun 15, 2024 8:13:02 GMT -5

Loren's Marketplace, with a capital m, is known to be the largest, most abundant marketplace in the entire kingdom--and arguably beyond. Anything the desires could ever fathom can be found at a stall, caravan, or storefront in the Marketplace. To those who know the way, there are hidden alleys that lead to an underground network of darker dealings.

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Quinton Featherton posted in It's a game. I'm glad i'm in it Jul 29, 2023 16:22:31 GMT -5

The Bronze Lion is one of the longest established and most successful taverns in all of Lorendale. The first floor boasts a giant gathering room filled with a bar, tables, and even a little stage for performances; beyond the great room are some individual meetings rooms, some dressed for finer company than others, which are spaces that can be used for private gatherings. The second level is the inn.

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Anslem Ellery posted in A Walking Disaster of a Night Apr 23, 2023 13:13:55 GMT -5

Unlike the Bronze Lion, the Thirsty Wench Tavern is frequented by the likes of folk that would make the toes of nobles curl. Thirsty Wench is a relatively filthy establishment, and it offers rooms upstairs for patrons who have extra coin for a man or woman's company with their ale.

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