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Arynn Frey's capital city is Elyusian, located in in the northern part of their lands. It is home to the majority of the citizens of Arynn Frey, and is where the Council of Five convenes. If there are tussles with Coheed then those who are deployed typically come out of Elyusian.

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The city of Faanor is in the central part of Arynn Frey's lands. This city is known for having the most farming slaves, and from this city comes most of the food used to feed the kingdom. Faanor is the city citizens of Lorendale can visit most easily.

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The southern city (and smallest) is Illianar. This city has the closest contact with Dresmond, and it was efforts of citizens who live in Illianar that helped arrange a peace with the kingdom.

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Arynn Frey's land is a long strip on the east coast. They share borders with Coheed, Lorendale, and Dresmond. Most of the land where their borders meet are green pastures, though some areas in the north, against Coheed, are rocky.

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