Annabeth Porter posted in Darkness my only lover. Dec 16, 2023 6:20:41 GMT -5

Aside from the bustling metropolis that is Loren, Lorendale is made up of various small farming towns that are governed by landowners. There are fifteen larger towns, and more smaller ones. Some of those larger ones are: Ladale, Rainesbury, and Airedale.

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Alaric Melbourne posted in Fiery Fall Formalities Feb 12, 2024 19:57:32 GMT -5

Lake Loren is Lorendale's largest body of water by far. It is the prime location for boating and swimming, and some folks from smaller villages reap of the fish the lake has to offer. It is told to children that a great monster resides at the lake's heart, but this is supposedly a wive's tale to keep them from swimming alone.

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Tacen Harn posted in Chasing Chickens and Catching Arrows. [Open] Oct 22, 2023 13:37:17 GMT -5

Most of Lorendale's land outside of Loren is countryside. One can travel for miles without seeing houses or people and only green grass, but there are also plenty of cottages nestled away throughout the land. Most belongs to the crown but some is owned by the wealthiest dukes, marquis, and counts.

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Acacia Scorza posted in Information for the Spider Queen Nov 24, 2023 4:27:30 GMT -5

The western edges of the capital of Loren break into thick forestry. At one point the trees stretched into the city itself, but they have since been cut and burned back. There are plenty of haunting legends concerning the forest that are told to keep kids away, and it is rumored that the only kind of people who spend time in it are those up to no good.

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Tallis Scorza posted in Everything's Coming Up Scorza Jun 20, 2024 15:34:54 GMT -5

The expansive Scorza Ranch consists of horse stables and cattle, a blacksmith's shop, a large farmhouse, and quarters for the on-property ranchhands. Located a full day's journey from Loren.

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